On-demand services that evolve with your needs. Development, design, guidance & strategic growth.

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Reasons why a retainer could be for you

  • Most contractors won't sign up to anything less than a 3-month contract
  • You have work, but not enough for a full-time hire
  • You need on-demand help from someone with in-demand skills
  • You want flexibility

The best results are built over time

Retainers involve reserving a fixed number of hours each month that can be used across all of my services.

This system ensures regular collaboration and progress on your ongoing projects. If for some reason we can't collaborate one-to-one, we can work async.

It facilitates a partnership where I'm aligned with your objectives, adapting and growing with your goals.

Below are the top five benefits of this approach to illustrate why it could be the optimal choice for your needs.

1. Predictable budgeting

Plan your budget on a recurring monthly basis, setting aside funds for any unexpected needs or opportunities that arise without being tied to specific projects.

2. Prioritisation

Your tasks will benefit from scheduled priority slots each month, ensuring responsive and efficient progress.

3. Dedicated skills and expertise

We'll be thoroughly acquainted with your website/s, facilitating quick, informed actions and advice, ultimately saving you both time and stress. We are self-starters, proactive, and actively look for work.

4. Strategic advice

Apart from prioritising and addressing anything time-sensitive, we provide ongoing guidance around how to align with industry trends, helping to keep your website at the forefront.

5. Continual improvements

Websites are never finished, they need to constantly evolve, not only because of trends, but also because of technology, especially with open-source software which can be extremely active. A retainer ensures your website stays fresh and relevant through regular updates and refinements.


8 hrs


£400 Per month

  • Development
  • Slack channel
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24 hrs


£1200 Per month

  • Development & design
  • Slack channel
  • Weekly check-ins
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30 hrs


£1500 Per month

  • Development & design
  • Slack channel
  • Weekly check-ins
  • On-page SEO
  • Analytics data
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Interested to learn how a retainer can work for you?

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How will a retainer work for me?

We will start with a discovery call to go over if a retainer is ideal for your situation, and to discuss the scope of the work, and hours you wish to reserve each month.

Once agreed, we'll work through your priorities, aiming to build a productive, long-term partnership that is tuned specifically to achieve your goals.

Do you use any CMS's?

Yes, we have used a lot of the common ones including WordPress, Sanity and Contenful.

We are open to picking up other Content Management Systems.

What frameworks do you use?

We love to work with the React ecosystem, especially the Next.js framework.

We're flexible and very open to picking up different frameworks.

If you're project doesn't require a framework, that's perfectly okay, not every project needs one.