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User-friendly, mobile-optimised websites that deliver seamless experiences, anytime, anywhere.

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Desiging a website for the end user

A website should be engaging, easy to navigate and focused on your target audience.

The journey a user takes when using your website determines whether you convert a prospect into a profitable customer. We will work with you to create a website that puts your users first. We'll guide you on the best features and create user-focused designs with easy-to-use navigation to make sure your website converts.

Mobile-first optimised websites

With over 1/3 of UK search traffic coming exclusively from mobile devices, prioritising the mobile experience of your website is no longer an option, but a necessity.

It's essential that your users have a consistent experience with your website no matter what device they are using. As such, we carefully test and consider how designs look and feel between the most common devices.

How we work with you

Throughout every step of the design and development journey, we'll get your feedback so that you stay at the heart of the design process.

1. Wireframing

Once we have a strong understanding of you brand and your objectives, we will start work on the wireframes which will define your website structure and key user journeys.

2. Identity and design

After we have your approval of the wireframes, we will begin to implement visual elements and real content to the wireframes making sure we work with your existing branding guidelines, or create new ones suitable for your brand and your objectives.

3. Build and development

Upon completing the design work, if you're using our Website Development service, we will build your project to meet the exact design standards created in the previous steps.

Design systems

Whether you're starting out or not, maintaining multiple platforms (app, separate website) and keeping the UI consistent across platforms can become expensive, a duplication of effort, and the results can often be confusing for your customers.

A responsive website combines all your needs into one. This consolidation can often eliminate the cost of developing and updating separate sites and an app.

Responsive design is essential, see how we can help you.

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What is a Wireframe?

Wireframing is the first stage to desiging an effective and well-organised website.

The wireframe is a very basic illustration of a webpage's interface that outlines the positions of the visual elements and ensures that all the necessary functionalities have been accounted for and are available per-page as required.

We use this initial wireframing process to also define the website's structure and the key user journeys. This step is arguably the most important, because any work done after this point is based mostly off of this wireframe, so we make sure that the users' needs are met on each page of your website.