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Focused on building fast, modern, and interactive web pages that provide users with a great experience.

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We make your vision a reality

If you already have designs ready to be implemented into code, and just need some experienced programmer hands to bring things to life, we'll happily translate designs into working code.

If you don't have designs, we offer our extensive UI/UX design services which can be check out here.

However, if you're looking to move fast, we can craft something from scratch, or customise templates, this will depend on the speed of delivery you are after, and your budget.

We help you navigate the complexities of the development ecosystem

We specialise in React, however we have experience in building commericial solutions in countless other technologies.

This inlcues:

  • Component libraries
  • CSS Frameworks
  • State management libraries (e.g. React Query)
  • Animation libraries (e.g. Framer Motion)
  • SEO & Analytics frameworks
  • Fullstack frameworks, such as Next.js

Why hire us?

  • We excel at translating designs into pixel-perfect front-end code.
  • We move fast and efficient, getting your project live and setup quickly, so we can continue to deliver features.
  • We're trusted by our local communities, having built websites for business near to where we live.

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Do I get a professional email address?

Yes, we will set you up with a professional email address such as hello@yourdomain.co.uk

There are multiple ways to use a custom email address, either with a mailbox or by mail forwarding to your personal email address.

We can work with you to advise on how and which option to choose when we are setting up your website.

Can I use my own hosting?

Yes. By default your website will be uploaded to the Siteground platform, so you are completetly independent and not tied to us.

However, we do also offer our own hosting services which you can read about here.

Do I need technical knowledge?

No coding skills or technical knowledge is required to manage your website.

Okay, I want to go ahead. What now?

Please call or email us to discuss how your business can maximise the use of the internet, based on your budget. We will always try to minimise your spend and highlight the best, value for money tools and services available.

If you don't already have a domain, please don't purchase one just yet. We will help you to register one and this domain will be bought and owned by you.

Unless otherwise agreed, 50% payment is due before work commences with the remaining 50% paid once the project is complete but within 7 days.

On-going support

We will be available to assist for free with any adhoc questions, though limits may need to be put in place for any overuse of this pro bono serice.

If you require any other kinds of work after the project has been complete, we offer a retainer service.

The following is just an example of the other kinds of work available:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Website amends
  • Security advice
  • On-page SEO
  • Set up social media and digital marketing

Fees are agreed before any work begins and rates are charged at 1 hour intervals.